An interactive mockup of an internet based microbe data bank

Media: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

This was a collaborative project created and designed by the following people: Ellie Bailey, Nick Reback, Katie Roorda, and Li Yao.

This internet based project consisted of many steps:

  • writing clear objectives
  • building user profiles for the intended target audience
  • creating and organizing flowcharts
  • building storyboards and clickable mockups
  • developing mood boards
  • creating a design to ensure accessibility
  • designing an aesthetically pleasing and workable graphical user interface
  • testing the flow of the user pathway to ensure a predictable user experience

The outcome was an effective working prototype created in PowerPoint that would be tested by actual users (only a small section is shown here).

All visuals and content copyright to the creators: Ellie Bailey, Nick Reback, Katie Roorda, and Li Yao